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"Theatre is life with the dull bits cut out"

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Theatre Arts Program, English Dept, George W. Hewlett High School

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What Theatre Means to Me

In Theatre classes...

You learn to speak.

You learn to listen.

You learn to work with others.

You learn to problem solve.

Check out our five-course Theatre Arts sequence awarded as a Program of Excellence by the New York State English Council.

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Join us for the Hewlett Theatre Company’s virtual production of Jonathan Rand’s uproarious comedies, Check Please and Check Please: Take 2. Our virtual production will be available via Broadway on Demand on April 16th and 17th!

For tickets: https://www.broadwayondemand.com/series/ePRso92wMEas-check-please-check-please-take-2--hewlett-high-school-theatre-company

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"Is that a show tune I hear?"

In honor of World Theatre Day (Saturday, March 27th) and as part of Theatre in our Schools Month, members of the Thespian Honor Society chose a musical theatre playlist to stream through the hallways in between classes on Friday, March 26th. We dare you not to sing along!
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What is World Theatre Day?

World Theatre Day celebrates the importance of theatre arts as it continues to move, entertain, teach and change us.


Support local theatre by responding to calls for auditions, stage assistance, fundraising and attending performances. Use #WorldTheaterDay to share on social media.

Pre- order tickets to Hewlett’s Check Please and Check Please: Take 2 via Broadway on Demand to support local theatre students.

Showcases 2021

Students have been exploring storytelling live and on film during Theatre classes this year.

All classes within the Hewlett Theatre program will be highlighted in our upcoming showcases!

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College Theatre Workshop classes are preparing for showcases while earning transferable COLLEGE CREDITS!

Projects this year have included:
  • Introduction to directing and techniques of acting
  • Advanced scene study
  • Forum Theatre
  • Shakespearean Theatre
  • Solo storytelling
  • Non-Linear / Dual Voice Projects

First Look: Theatre Workshop 1/2 students create ORIGINAL FILMS

In addition to studying topics such as devised theatre, commedia dell arte and original monologues, students engaged in an intensive film studies curriculum focusing on film production and mise en scene. The culminating projects will be featured in our showcases this year.

Introduction to Theatre students prepare for their first Theatre Showcases!

Whether in-person or remote learners, theatre students write scripts, rehearse scenes and perform daily. Projects have included:

  • Playwriting and basic scene study
  • Public speaking / Creating a pitch
  • Storytelling through music and movement
  • Stage and film adaptation

Theatre Humor

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Three of the five courses in the Theatre Sequence at Hewlett High School are now offered for college credit?

What Theatre teaches about life, leadership and preparation

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Upcoming Inductions for the Thespian Honor Society will take place on May 26th!

Looking for summer theatre opportunities?

The following are programs, educational opportunities, camps and summer intensives for summer, 2021 that are recommended by ArtsBridge.
This newsletter is brought to you by the Theatre Program and English Department of George W. Hewlett High School.

English Department Chairperson: Michele Hochhauser

Theatre teacher and Director of the Hewlett High School Theatre Company: Dawn DeMaio