Here Comes Zambia


Zambian people mostly eat relish meat, fish, vegetables, mash potatoes, and nshima.
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75.3% are protestant, 20.2% are Roman Catholic, 2.7% are other, and 1.8% don't have one. they have many holidays, but these are the important ones: Independence Day, New Years Day, and woman's day. They speak English, NyanJa, Kaode, luvare, and lunda.


Their type of Government is Democracy (that means they have a president). Their presidents name is Edgar Lungu. Their capital is Lusaka. Their GDP Per Capita is $4,100, and their population is 15,066,266.
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Zambian slogan

Zambia Lets Explore



Why Should you visit Zambia

You should visit Zambia because of the vast amount of animals, their concession stands, and their food. They have one of the biggest safari's and their beautiful attractions that have a lot of tourism. This country is a really fun and amazing place to be.

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