Dichlorodifluro Metane

Chemical Assignment

Basic Chemical Knowledge

Chemical Name: Dichlorodifluro Methane

Common Name: Freon 12

Chemical Formula: CCl2F2

Uses for Dichlorodifluro Methane

1) First used as a refrigerant in 1928, used for its odor less and non corrosive properties.

2) Used in some spray repellents as a propellant.

3) Used as a basic propellant.

Examples of Dichlorodifluro Methane

Properties and Facts


1) Colorless

2) Odorless unless in high concentrations, smells ether-like

3) Gas


1) Non-corrosive to metals and non-flammable.

2) First discovered as a refrigerant by Thomas Midgely and Albert Hanne.

3) It is currently banned in the USA because of its ozone depleting properties.