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The problem for flooding is that you cannot 100% prevent it from happening. A flood can happen anywhere, anytime that you may not expect. The difficulties that people face during flood is that they are often killed or injured, while others are made homeless. It sometimes also brings diseases and harmful viruses. Floods can also damage roads, bridges and transports. All of these costs a lot to repair.

Solution for floods with Science

Dams are used to stop floods from the river going into the town or city. They stop the water on the upper part of the dam to form a reservoir, and then let it go away over time. Using that method, it won't flood, even during the raining season.

Advantages for the solution

The advantages for this solution is that it can stop flood which bring huge devastation to cities and towns. Dams also create power and electricity when the water flows through the dam. Dams bring water to farmer's farms and also gives recreational opportunities, like swimming, and sailing.

Disadvantages for the solution.

Dams can sometimes endangered species of animals living in the river/ocean that the dam is built. Some scientists also believe that these dams can cause earthquakes. These dams can also cause fish to be stuck in the bottom of the dam, and never get back up. Dams can also change the ecosystem.


During the years from 1980-2008, 2,887 flood disasters were reported. A average of people killed per year due to floods that time was 6,753. The number of people affected is a huge amount, 2,809,481,489, all because of flooding. According to the source, 2006 has the most number of reported floods worldwide, around 250 events. In 1998, almost 300,000,000 people has been affected. It has also done the most economic damages, around 420 billion US Dollars. The following year 1999, it has killed the most people, 40,000.

How the solution had affected the society in a environmental change.

The dam blocks migration from fish and other species, completely destroying their habitat. Dams have also lead to extinction of many animals and species that live there. It also have made birds in floodplains disappear, huge loss of forests, and wetlands and farmlands.


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