3 years old

by lexi

Physical characteristic

  • Becomes straighter and slimmer
  • Stomach flatter
  • Holds shoulders back and upper body more erect
  • Chest broadens and flattens with improved abdominal strength
  • neck becomes longer

Motor Skills

  • Jumps up and down in place with both feet
  • Catches a ball with arms straight
  • Rides a tricycle
  • stacks nine blocks
  • screws lids on and off containers
  • Draws circles horizontal and vertical lines

Emotional Characteristics

  • Learning to be cooperative and considerate
  • More physically capable so less frustrated
  • More willing to take directions from others
  • Modifies behavior to win praise and acceptance
  • Loves to talk and talks to everyone and everything
  • Can be reasoned with and controlled by words

Social Characteristics

  • People are important
  • Begin to engage in cooperative play
  • Work in small groups
  • Parents are not all-powerful in the child's social life
  • Seeks friends on their own
  • Prefers some children over others

Physical care

  • Allow room for growth
  • Children are less interested in bathing then as toddlers
  • Most children need ten to twelve hours sleep in a 24-hour period
  • it is important for adults to model good nutritions behavior so that the child will do the same