Wisconsin Virtual School

Summer Courses 2016

Enrollments Accepted Through June 30, 2016 (Start date no later than 6-30-2016)

On February 25, 2015, District Administrators received a letter from DPI clarifying changes on offering online courses in the summer:

"If online course offerings are provided on-site by DPI-licensed teachers, districts may count instructional minutes (see next item) provided through eligible online courses for resident students for state aid and revenue limit purposes. Starting in 2014, certain online courses no longer require resident students to be on-site if specific eligibility criteria are met. Online classes must comply with all other state summer school requirements (e.g., fees, partnerships, academic courses, etc.) to be eligible to count students for membership. The school district must document and retain records used in the calculation of the instructional minutes generated for each class that is included for the DPI Pupil Count Summer School report."

This change makes it easy for school districts to offer more options for students to make up credits or accelerate their learning paths. Students can choose from high school and middle school core and elective courses, as well as High School Credit Recovery courses. Advanced Placement courses are not recommend for summer. Course List

The change in legislation also makes it easier to "staff" summer school using your OWN teachers and providing them flexibility as well. Contact us for more information on training and utilizing your own teachers!

High School Credit Recovery Courses

Help students get back on track at their own pace by enrolling in our Credit Recovery Program—a cost effective and flexible solution for making up credits. Courses are available in English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, and Phy. Ed. Registration fee is $200 per semester course and students are allowed a maximum of 20 weeks to complete a Credit Recovery course.

For more information about options for credit recovery please visit our website: http://www.wisconsinvirtualschool.org/crcourses.cfm

Middle & High School Courses

Students can get ahead or catch up during the summer. Choose from our full complement of online courses in Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, World Language, and elective courses. Registration fee is $295 per half-credit semester course and students are allowed a maximum of 5 months to complete each course.

Many schools want to follow a "typical summer school schedule" and allow students a specific 6-8 week summer session for their online courses. With enrollments accepted through June 30, you can "design" the right number of weeks and dates you want for YOUR summer program. It is strongly recommended that students enroll in no more than ONE semester course during the summer. Past experience has shown that students who are given a completion deadline similar to the local summer school session are more likely to finish the online course than if they are allowed to work into the fall. It is imperative that a Local Education Guide (LEG/Coach) be available to act as liaison between the student and the WVS teacher during the summer.

Contact WVS if you would like to arrange a Summer Student Orientation session.

PLEASE Note: Health and Physical Education courses require a minimum of 12 weeks of fitness/health journals/logs.

For a complete list of available courses and registration information, visit us online at http://www.wisconsinvirtualschool.org/ or contact us at 715-453-1953 or wvshelpdesk@gmail.com
Cooperative Educational Service Agency #9 (CESA 9) manages Wisconsin Virtual School and trains Wisconsin certified teachers to facilitate its online courses. We use multimedia-rich curriculum and the BrainHoney interactive learning management system. Credit is granted by the student's local school district, not Wisconsin Virtual School.