Weekly Newsletter

Fun with Pre-K Fours!

Icky Week!

Even though the week was short, we still had lots of fun. We continued learning about the letter I and what sound it makes. We traced the great state of Indiana :) and also enjoyed exploring all of the Icky foods. Some of the kids were apprehensive and didn't want to participate (but once we showed them what it REALLY was then they wanted to touch it!). Thank you Mr. Kopnisky and Mr. Cole for reading with the class!

J Week!

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

  • Letter J
  • Building Block Sentences
  • Identifying rhyming words in poems
  • Ordering words in spoken sentences


  • Comparing objects by length
  • Explore weight and balance
  • Using words such as heavier, lighter, and same weight, to compare objects
  • Describe and compare attributes of basic geometric shapes


  • Jack O' Latern
  • Jellyfish
  • Halloween Crafts

Library Visit

Extra Extra!

  • Sign up for the Halloween Party Treats!
  • Please bring in warm clothes for your child for when they have an accident or spill
  • Bring in your child's Halloween Costume on Thursday for the "parade" around the big kid school
  • If your child has a favorite Halloween Book feel free to bring it in and share with the class!