Oklahoma University

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Oklahoma University Logos

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Oklahoma University Mascot

Oklahoma University Motto

Latin - Civi Et Republicae

Translation - "For the benefit of the citizen and the state."

Location of Oklahoma University

660 Parrington Oval, Norman OK 73019

Oklahoma University College Website

Enrollment numbers at Oklahoma University

21,818 students are enrolled. There is 49% male and 51% Female.

Cost of tuition for 4 years (In state, living on campus.)

It is $7,695 for 4 years of college, in state at Oklahoma University.

Oklahoma University known for

Oklahoma university is known for a large, public research Institute in Norman. Traditionally has a dominant Athletics Group that usually completes in the NCAA, Division 1, big 12 Conference. About 25% of students join the large Greek system, made up of of more than 40 fraternities and sororities. There are more than 300 students clubs and Organizations.

Historical facts about Oklahoma University

Oklahoma university was established December 19, 1890. With the help of Governor George Washington Steele, the Oklahoma Territorial Legislator established three universities. One was Oklahoma State university, next was University of Norman, and last is my college Oklahoma Central University. Oklahoma central university was also called before, 'normal school in Edmond.'

Campus life facts

The sports they have are Baseball, basketball, cross country, Football, golf, gymnastics, Tennis, track and field, wrestling, Rowing,soccer,softball, And volleyball.

Some organizations and clubs would be young life, After dark, Bowling club and many, many more.

Noble alumni

Fred Haise - He was a American engineer and former NASA astronaut. He was one of the 24 Humans to walk on the moon. He was the six Human to land and walk on the moon.

John Lucian smith - He was a medal of honor recipient And marine corps ace , Who was a commanding officer Who shot down 19 Japanese planes in world war two.

Oklahoma University Campus