Museum of Civilization

Field Trip

September 23rd 2016

On September 23rd join Ms. McLean's grade one class as they venture off to Hull to explore the Museum of Civilization! This will be at the end of our community unit and will allow students to explore different civilizations and communities and to put into practice everything they have learned to date.


9 am:

Students depart for Westmount Elementary School (the bus ride will last about an hour and a half)

10:30 am:

Scheduled tour of the Canadian Museum of Civilization (kids section)

12:00 pm:

LUNCH TIME (Please pack a lunch or provide money as there will be a cafeteria on site)




Head home

Some Places to Visit...

Guaranteed to be a fun learning experience for everyone!

How much will the trip cost?

The trip will cost about $15-20 dollars for the trip. It is a $12 entrance fee for the museum and the Imax and the rest of the money will be for the bus.

Who will be chaperoning?

I will be accompanied by the other grade one teacher, and I encourage any parents who wish to join us to come along, the more help the better.