Owl Smore

By Emma and Trey

Barred Owl

The Barred Owl is posing for a picture on a tree branch.


The Barred Owl is the noisiest

owl in North America. Young lings

start to fly 40 to 45 days after birth.

They incubate eggs in natural tree cavities and incubate in 28 to 32 days.

Northern Hawk Owl

Northern Hawk Owl

The Northern Hawk Owl sees its prey and is about get some luscious food. click here

The Northern Hawk Owl acts like a hawk but has a facial disk not like a hawk.The Northern Hawk owl incubates to 5 to 6 eggs in 25 to 28 days.It lives in Northern Evergreen forest and hunts on small rodents.


-They both live in the forest

-They both hunt small animals/rodents

-They both have facial disks

-They both incubate eggs


-They live in different climates

-They incubate eggs on different days

-One is the lousiest owl in North America and the other isn't

-They live in different states the Barred Owl lives in Florida and Tennessee and the Northern Hawk Owl lives in Alaska


Cavities - a hole or space in something

Climate - a region or area characterized by a given climate

Facial Disk -the concave collection of feathers on the face

Incubates - to sit on eggs so that they will be kept warm and will hatch

Luscious - having a very appealing taste or smell

Young lings - a young person or animal

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Barred Owl

This is where the Barred Owl lives
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Northern Hawk Owl

This is where the Northern Hawk Owl lives.