by Maddie Lingenfelter

* Why I chose Apollo?

I chose Apollo because, he is the god of the sun and the god of music.

One reason was because I play the clarinet in band, and I like to listen to music.

I'm like Apollo because he has golden hair and I have blonde hair.

Also, Apollo is creative and he is supportive of the arts civilization and I like to make projects and crafts.

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* 10 facts on Apollo

  1. Apollo was born on the island of Delos.
  2. Apollo was the twin brother to Artemis.
  3. Apollo was unlucky for love unlike his father.
  4. He was feared because he brought ill health to mortals he was the god of the plague.
  5. Apollo's appearance was curly golden hair.
  6. Apollo is a musician who plays the lyre.
  7. Apollo is a wise god who can tell the future in his temple ocale where people go to see the future.
  8. He is creative, handsome, supportive of all arts and civilization.
  9. He had the power of transformation and healing.
  10. His association with the golden chariot was as god of he sun he drove across the sky.

* Video on Apollo

Apollo God of the Sun

* Link for more information on Apolo

Apollo is immortal

He is known as the Sun God and God of Music

Roman name - Apollo

Mother - Leto

Father - Zeus

Apollo has a twin sister named Artemis

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Children - Asclepius, Troilus, Aristaeus, Ortheus