How did women become successful

In Ballarat

Women at the Goldfields

Women’s work consisted of washing, ironing and cooking. They made bread, butter, jams, soap and clothes for the family. Fresh vegetables and fruit were scarce and cost a lot. Usually when a woman gave birth to a baby, she was assisted by other women. Many women died while giving birth. Epidemics of illnesses such as diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, typhoid and scarlet fever swept through the goldfields, and many men, women and children died.

Lola Montez

In June 1855, Lola left a for a tour of Australia to resume her career by entertaining miners at the gold fields during the gold-rush of the 1850's, arriving at Sydney on the 16th of August 1855. Lola was the most famous out of all the women. She was showered with small gold nuggets by the diggers whenever she finished a performance.

Martha Glendinnings

Eliza's husband left for Batherst NSW to seek his fortune of gold. Eliza soon joined him and opened her own shop and sold goods like; tea, sugar, coffee, candles, tobacco, jam, bottled fruit, cheese, dress materials and baby clothes.

Eliza Perrin

Eliza went into business in Ballarat with a refreshment house and store. In later years, she and her husband John established a butchers shop in Bungaree

Women became successful by setting up shops, entertaining miners and becoming domestic slaves to men