SAVVY by: Ingrid Law

Project by: Gabby Kingsley


Savvy (by Ingrid Law) was published in 2008. If you like a book with lots of magic then I suggest you read Savvy. if you like Savvy then you should read SCUMBLE (by Ingrid Law) the second book to SAVVY.
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Mibs '(Mississippi) dad gets in a bad car wreck and is in the Selena Hope Hospital in Selena and is in a coma and wont wake Mibs turns 13 and gets her savvy she ditches her party at a church and travels on a bus without any adults knowing with fish(brother) Bobbie (girl)


one theme in savvy is secrecy because no one can know that the Beaumont family has savvys. another theme in Savvy is courage because all the kids that got on the bus didn't care what would happen in the future.My last theme i will tell you is friendship because all the kids become friends.


I personally liked this book and I think you will to. If you want to see if the dad survived then I suggest you read Savvy.