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December 11, 2020

As we wind down...finish strong!

We are indeed coming to the end of the first semester, can you believe it! Everyone has worked so hard this entire semester by doing whatever it takes to get the job done...and we have done it! Masks, water bottles, washing hands and surfaces, lesson plans, and SO MUCH MORE! We have really Pulled Together to get us this far and really foresee us going all year!

I will be covering three topics in this update that are important to read: grade checks, food service, and construction. Please take the time to read these below to stay informed!

We are Partners United in Learning in Life!


Grade Checks - How Do I Do That?

We have slowly made the switch to more online instruction this year as you have noticed. This is not a bad thing as long as we can find a balance. We will work hard to do that next semester as staying in school seems much more likely than we may have thought earlier this year.

That said, we have also moved the tracking of grades online over the last couple of years. Next week the last email from "FPS Inform" will be in your email inbox having the login information required to check grades and attendance. Please watch this video as you ready for this new way to stay on top of grades, missing work and attendance. These three indicators are BIG for your child's success.

How to Check Grades Video

Please know that your advisor or subject specific teachers are here to help you when you can't quite understand what is not working for your child here at Holt. It is so very important to know that we much keep pushing through the school year, at school or home, as that is the best option to maintain academic growth.

Food Service for Next Semester & During Quarantine

We have some new information about the upcoming semester concerning your meal service. Please remember that meals are FREE ALL YEAR LONG this year Thank you to the USDA! Here is the information:

Spring Semester Meal Pack Order Form: Dec 18th by 12pm noon!

Quarantine Meals: if families need to-go meals while on quarantine, follow these steps to order!

Stay tuned for Winter Meal Program promotion next week!

Links with information:

Opt-In for Spring 2021

Opt-In for Spring 2021 Spanish

How to Order Quarantined Meals

How to Order Quarantined Meals Spanish

Big picture

Construction Update & NEW Changes Coming!

As Rupple Road nears completion and begins to bring more and more traffic to the front of our school we must change our car rider pick up just a little. The construction that we currently have out front is moving the street curb all the way to the multi-use trail and thus adding a "staging" lane.

The staging lane will allow traffic to turn right off of Morning Mist and then right into Holt and not be in the main lane of Rupple Road. When Rupple Road opens we will no longer be able to stage or park on Rupple and load any students in cars on Rupple due to safety. We will also no longer allow students to cross Rupple to get into cars or get into any car on Rupple. And lastly, we will no longer be able to turn left into Holt once the cars fill the loop in the front of the school.

There will be a graphic that will be created to show everyone how we will use Morning Mist as the street that we will use to stage our after school pick up. Again, this all should start once Rupple Road opens up for through traffic.

Upcoming Events

December 17 - 1st semester grades due from teachers at 3pm

December 18 - Hold Food Pantry in Bus Loading Zone 3-4:30pm

December 18 - End of 2nd 9 weeks and 1st Semester

December 19 - Holiday Break begins!

January 3 - Holiday Break ends!

January 4 - Virtual Learning Day, at home asynchronous learning

January 5 - Virtual Learning Day, at home asynchronous learning

January 6 - Holt is back open for day 3 of the semester & Report Cards handed out.

February 15 - Digital Learning Day for staff - NO SCHOOL

Holt Middle School

Please give us a call or an email if you have any questions or concerns.