How To Get Into Modeling

How To Get Into Modeling

Before thinking of a career in modeling, the first question that you should try to answer is, “What type of modeling do I want to get into?” There are several types of modeling including fashion, glamour, fitness, bikini, fine art, and alternative modeling.

Fashion models promote apparel. Fashion models can also specialize in a particular area such as swimsuit modeling, lingerie modeling, and runway modeling, among others.

Glamour models promote themselves, as opposed to fashion modeling, where the emphasis is on how the clothes, shoes, hat, etc, looks on the model. Which is why many glamour models pose semi-nude.

Fitness models are similar to glamour models in that they too promote themselves. However, fitness modeling focuses on fitness and the physique. For reasons mysterious to me, fitness models are usually male, but there are some female fitness models. These however are frequently called bikini models. Bikini modeling emphasizes the female physique and the curviness of the body. In fitness modeling, the men usually look like bodybuilders, without a lot of bulging muscles.

Another type of modeling that most people do not think about even though they may look at a nude or semi nude painting, is fine arts modeling. All photographers, painters and sculptures rely on fine art models to pose for their art.

Alternate modeling includes all those areas not mentioned above.

Now that you know the types that are out there and have decided which one you would be more comfortable doing, the next step is to research the model agencies that handle this type of modeling. There are many agencies out there, and every day new ones are formed. Go with a reputable agency – one that you have heard about, or that is on this list. The key to success is not limiting yourself to one. Yes, once you have signed a contract you become exclusive to that agency. However, until then, feel free to contact several agencies until you are offered a contract. Once you have a contract in hand, there are several things to do, but those are outside the scope of this article.

When contacting agencies, be sure to have what is called a composite. This is a card with your photo on one side and your “resume” on the other. Your resume would most likely have your contact info and your personal statistics, i.e. height, weight, body measurements, etc. They say women do not like disclosing their weight. If you are a woman and wishes to be a model, then you need to “get over it.” Weight is one of the most important attributes of a model, especially a fashion model, as designers make their apparel to fit “the 34/36 size of haute couture prototypes.”

The fastest way, symptomatic of our microwave society, to becoming a model is to get on the ANTM Reality Show. Created and produced by Supermodel Tyra Banks, America’s Next Top Model is a reality show in which wannabe models compete for a chance to get “in” to the modeling business. Last year July and August, the CW television network had casting call for Cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model in Los Angeles, California. Some of their eligibility requirements included but was not limited to being “female and 18 to 27 years of age at the time of application … be at least five feet and seven inches (5'7") in height … be a United States citizen and live in the United States … must not have previous experience as a model in a national campaign within the last five (5) years (including, but not limited to, appearances on television and print advertisements)….” ANTM is currently casting for Cycle 11. They will be in New York on March 15, at The New Yorker Hotel on Eighth Avenue. Bear in mind, that only 10 to 14 women are selected each cycle so calculate your chances. And if you still think you have what it takes, go for it! Visit this website for a list of other upcoming casting calls.

Update Note:

ANTM is now in there 20th season. Visit their website for their current casting call.

There are also international versions of this very popular show: Australia Next Top Model, Brazil’s Next Top Model, Canada’s Next Top Model, China’s Next Model,Top Model Ghana, the first African version of the franchise, and Malaysia’s Next Top Model, the first franchise to feature both men and women, to name a few.

The Internet has additionally made it conceivable, if not less demanding, for anybody to get into demonstrating with the coming of Portfolio Hosting Modeling Sites. These sites permit "models" to advertise livejasmin themselves so displaying orgs, design fashioners, picture takers, and so on, can see what they bring to the table. The locales are typically like an informal organization so yearning models can put features, pictures, or anything that demonstrates the sort pf displaying they are intrigued by doing. These online envelopes are called portfolios. What makes these destinations work is that all the distinctive substances of the demonstrating business are spoken to. By inputting a couple of pivotal words a photographic artist can, for example, discover a model who is intrigued by allure shots.

Some portfolio hosting sites:

There are of course, other ways to get “in” to modeling, including entering local contests like Elite Model Management Look of the Year and the Miss Teen Niagara Contest, but these are some of the tried and true methods used by models such Jaslene Gonzalez, Eva Marcille and even up and coming ones like Chantal Jones.

One final tip about getting into modeling: Get to know the fashion industry, check your unpleasant attitude at the door, and above all, practice walking and posing.