Weekly Glimpse

From Fourth Grade

Language Arts

Focus this week:

*learning the text features of nonfiction

*finished Thunder on the Plains about the American buffalo

* began their reports on nonfiction

* Christmas cinquains

Next week:

* Book Talks presented Wednesday & Thursday (The packet inside their binders should be completed by Tuesday. They received this on Wednesday and should be completing one page a night)

* Spelling test on Monday 12/14

Social Studies

Focus this week:

* reviewing for chapter 4 test

* using Cram.com, online flashcards, to help with studying

* Chapter 4 test

Next week:

* Introduction to Chapter 5 Birthplace of Independence

Teacher's Note

* SECRET Santa begins on Monday - students picked a classmate today.

* Remember small things from Monday - Thursday and then a small gift around $10 for the party on Friday

* Party time in MO-town (BonoMO & PalerMO) on Friday morning

* Basket raffle drawing will be on December 17th

* Early dismissal next Friday @ 11:30