Tackk Page

An innovative way to create a fast web page!


Have you been looking for an awesome web tool that creates a web page BUT didn't want to spend hours creating it? Look NO further! Tackk is an online web tool that gives students and teachers the ability to create a quick website with lots of color options, patterns, fonts, pictures, videos and embedded items. In just a few simple clicks you can have students CREATING amazing projects from scratch.

Click the Tackk website button below and create your account. Be prepared to be amazed.

Get inspired! Click on the 'Tackk' video on Vimeo


Tackk Challenge

Create your own Tackk page - Choose the subject/topic of your choice.

Suggestion: Pick a topic that you will actually use in your class. This would be a great opportunity to create a Tackk page to serve as an example for your students.

Click on the 'Tackk Directions' if you need specific directions for creating an account and beginning your first Tackk.

You must include the following items on your Tackk page:

A. Title

B. 2 Pictures (Must include Internet sources)

C. 1 Video Clip

D. 1 Button that links to a website

REMINDER! You MUST include your internet sources at the bottom. You can click on 'Text', then copy and paste your web links.

Need an example?

Click on the button to view a Tackk that I have created!

How to get your badge...

1. Once you have finalized your Tackk page click on 'Publish Tackk' (green button located on the bottom right side). This will make your Tackk public.

2. To locate the web URL link for your Tackk page, scroll down to the bottom right. Copy the web URL link to paste into the Google Form.

3. Complete the Google Form linked with the button TACKK Badge (below).

Here are a few resources you may be interested in to take your Tackk to a new level! Check out more ideas for using Tackk and a rubric designed to evaluate content in Tackk projects.

20 Ways to Use Tackk in the Classroom!

Need MORE ideas? Click on the button above!

Tackk Rubric

Directions: Click on 'File', 'Make a Copy'. This will save the copy to your drive where you have the ability to edit.

Internet Sources