Wind Cave

South Dakota


When you are walking or driving around Wind Cave National Park you may see buffalo, wolves, deer, elk, coyote, mountain goats, ferrets, foxes, birds, rams, raccoons, owls, and rabbits.
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Special Features

Wind Cave National Park protects one of the longest, most complex maze-cave systems in the world, and contains an amazing amount of the rare cave formation called boxwork.. It is a great place to learn about the unique geology of the cave and to hear about the adventures of cave explorers as they actively search for more cave. However, if you only learn about the park through the cave, then you have missed half of what makes this park so special.
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Size of Wind Cave

Wind Cave National Park is 52.89 square miles. The cave system is 140 miles and still counting.
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Activities to do at wind cave.

Over 30 miles of trails cover the prairie, forests, and streams in between.

you can check there website for the best time to take tours and the best times to visit.

Free permits are available at the visitor center for backcountry campers.

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