Treatment of Lung Cancer

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Treatment of Lung Cancer

Before we talk about treatment lets first discuss its type. Any cancer refers to multiplication of cells that affects other body parts. Lung cancer has two types namely small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. The later one is more common. These cells are investigated under microscope. This process is called staging. It also involves other tests that check the spread of the tumor. The type and area affected are important because it will decide the treatment steps.

Types of treatment

  • Surgery is opted when the tumor has enlarged and the part can be amputated.
  • Chemotherapy is a type of medicine that minimizes the elongated cells. It can be oral or through veins.
  • Radiation therapy involves treatment through rays. These rays kill the mushrooming cancer.
  • Targeted therapy involves intake of drugs that kills the cells.

The specialists

Pulmonologists are specific doctors for addressing lung related diseases. Oncologists deal with cancer treatments. There are two types of oncologists- medical and radiation. The one treats with oral dozes are medical oncologists and the one who treats through rays are radiation oncologists. Hence lung cancer treatment is a joint activity by both the specialists. Now coming to surgery, surgeons are there to perform the operation. Thoracic surgeons are the one who involves into chest, heart or lung surgery.

Asymptomatic patients

Since cancer remains in gene some people without any symptoms often checks their lung. People who are chain smokers also get little low power CT scan for body screening. You can choose Hamdard Imaging Center for CT chest scan in Delhi.

Different ways of lung screening

Biopsy is the most common process of detecting any form of cancer. This is old yet popular in medical world. The abnormal sized cell is observed under microscope. This is how traces of cancer are detected.

Needle biopsy is done where a needle reaches to the suspicious cell guided by the doctor through CT scan and x-ray. One can have chest CT scan in Delhi from Hamdard Imagining Center which is one of the best places to carry out CT scan.

Sputum is also tested under microscope to trace the existence of cancer cell.

Another screening process is bronchoscopy where a lighted tube is passed through the throat to reach the lungs and take an image of the lung.

The above mentioned tests are carried out to detect the existence of suspicious cells. For mapping the affected areas MRI is most helpful followed by CT scans, and PET. The severity is denoted by roman numerals like I to IV. It is the initial or arrest able stage and IV is the severe one that indicates over spread of the cancer.

God forbid if there is any symptoms of lung cancer better visit a doctor at the earliest. The disease has become so widespread that various tests are to be carried out to check the affected areas. But be very careful while choosing your imaging center. Very recently HumdardImaging Center has set up its structure in Delhi. You can get the details by searching CT near me. The team is devoted to their services. With an organized infrastructure it has come out as one of the Best imaging centre in South Delhi. Thoughthere are many centers forCT scan in Delhi,Humdard is a trustworthy brandthat leaves no room for complain.