Highway to Perserverance

by Jay Malavia


Leak in the suitcase noticed they noticed the problem the controls weren't working properly when they were testing it out in the water. Lorenzo suggested a idea of tampons because they absorb a lot water and is small. They voted for Lorenzo to go by the tampons and they put the tampons in but the problem doesn't end their. They have to fix the damage that had been done so Oscar and Lorenzo volunteer to solderer the wires at night . That also gains Oscars trust by Lorenzo volunteering to stay up all night and makes Lorenzo seem very noble to the team.. When they stay up all night they showed this shows perseverance because they stayed up all night and did not give up.

Cristiano Ronaldo

I picked Cristiano Ronaldo because he had many adversitys in his life like not making Liverpool team, not being rich enough and his dad who died in 1953. Even though his father died he didn't miss practice or waste time it just encouraged him to train harder, faster and better. He has an conviction that family is an important part of one's life. Another moment was when Cristiano Ronaldo didn't make the Liverpool tryouts they thought he was inadequet. But he was not he was very persistent because he had an ambition to play for an good team so he trained harder and eventually triumphed and made Manchester United.


Nadja's violin career first started the violin when her mom made her and not because "she was drawn to it." She kept playing violin because she trusted her mom even though she didn't enjoy it. She started doubting her ability to play pieces as well. After that her self confidence took a huge turn south which made her actually play worse. Then when she played when felt her playing was so bad that she couldn't listen to it. So she didn't play for a full seven months of her life (She later said that was the worst seven months of her life). she was still lazy and didn't bring her violin to class, talked to the teacher like a friend and wouldn't try her hardest in class. Her teacher told her "Next time you don't bring you violin in my class you're out". That was what made go into practicing and being serious about the violin which makes her the violinist she is today.
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