Rohaniyyeh Sanai

My Grandmother

Early Years

Rohaniyyeh Sanai, my grandmother, was born in 1931 in a small town called Sangsar, in Iran. Her family was very well known, and affluent. Her father was a pharmacist and her mother was a teacher, which was something, because not every women in Iran could work as a teacher especially at that time. Rohaniyyeh recieved her education in her hometown, Sangsar, where she became a nurse. After she got married, she and her husband spent ten very successful years in Tehran, the capitol of Iran. At the age of twenty-nine, she and her husband made one of their most important decisions of their life, to leave Tehran, and move to a very remote part of Iran.

A Life of Service

Rohaniyyeh and Ezzat Moallem moved to the northern part of Iran in a small isolated village called Minodasht. This was a life of sacrifise, and service, for her to make; to leave her whole family behind in order for her and Ezzat to serve this new area. The main reason Rohaniyyeh became a nurse was so she could serve the need of the community in a more effective way. She also became a counselor to help solve many different peoples problems. After living in Minodasht for 22 years, she and Ezzat were arrested and prisoned for their beliefs. Ezzat served a jail term of 5 years and Rohaniyyeh served a jail term of one year. After they were both released, they continued their service to the community. During one tragic day, Ezzat and Rohaniyyeh had been involved in a car accident, and that was what brought the end of her Rohaniyyeh's life.