by Katera

Dogs vs. Wolves

Dogs and wolves are different in many ways. One way they are different is wolves have to hunt for food while most of the time dog owners feed their dogs. A second way they are different is when wolves mate they stay together for a while. When dogs mate, they usually get separated because of adoption.

What Do Wolves Eat?

Wolves eat many things of different sizes. Some big animals wolves eat are buffalo, bison, moose, and caribou. They also eat small animals like birds, mice, snakes, and even worms! They prefer bigger animals so they can feed the whole pack. These are a few things wolves eat.

Interacting with wolves

Do you know how wolves interact? Since wolves can't talk, they need another way to communicate. One way they communicate is through body language. A second way they communicate is by licking and nipping each other. A third way they communicate is when they raise their tail in a certain way, it means something different. These are a few ways they communicate.


Do you know how, why, and what wolves hunt? Wolves hunt so they can feed the pack. Most of the time, the biggest wolves, also known as the mane wolves, usually hunt so the smaller wolves can sleep. Wolves are really good at tracking. They can smell animals from really far away. They can track things like elk, deer, and moose because they have a strong scent. Lastly, wolves hunt with their heads down so other enemies can't see their eyes. This is how wolves hunt.


There are many different kinds of wolves, some of the most popular wolves are the red wolf, mexican wolf, and the gray wolf, also known as the timber wolf. The red wolf is a small wolf that lives in north america. It is very endangered. The Mexican wolf is a large wolf that lives in warm places. You can find them in different colors like gray and tan. The gray wolf, or the Timber wolf, is a big wolf that lives in forests and green lands. You can find them in different colors like gray, black, brown, or white.


Interact- How they behave with each other

Communicate- To talk or show affection

Pack- a group of wolves that stay together

Hunt- to track down food