GFS Week in Review

October 10 - October 14


Task 1: This week I worked on adding the data to the SPSA. As soon as we get an update of the form I will transfer the items.

Task 2: Dora and I collaborated on the disaster drill plan and command center. We have completed the plan and sent in to CWA.

Task 3: As we near the end of era, Jo Dee and Vanessa went through training as we move forward in the change of regime. I am excited about a new beginning.

Task 4: We enjoyed the new five minute competitive activities at the Site Manager Meeting (SAM). Dora and I are working on ways incorporate the activities into our PD with staff.

Task 5: I am working on homework in the evening. I am reading a plethora of new information and building brain cells. :)

Task 6: I found a site that office mathematics vocabulary cards and a list of words for mathematics per grade level.

Task 7: In the 2014-2105 school year I created the Teacher Perception of Leadership survey; I am slowly getting responses back from the current 38 question survey. It is a 5 point scale from highly effect to not effective. So far the leadership is effective to highly effective. I will need to start pulling back in more PD for ELA. That is the area that was somewhat to highly effective. Now that we are moving forward with mathematics I feel comfortable adding more intervention in language arts.


Event 1: disaster drill - 10/19 at 10:20

Event 2: Evaluations continue this week

Event 3: working with parents/student's 504s (medical disabilities)

Event 4: PTC 10/20, 10/21, 10/27, 10/28

Event 5: Trunk or treat 10/28 at 5:30 with movie

Event 6: Awards assemblies starting November 3, 4, 10 (9:30 am)

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