From the Reform to the Restored Republic

The ideals of liberal and conservative

  • By mid-century xix two politic forces wanted to govern Mexico, they both had different ideas. The groups were the liberals and the conservatives
  • The wars they had caused that in this period were constant conflicts, this affected their economy development

The Revolution of Ayutla

  • In the second half of xix century Mexico lived a hard situation, people started to control big extensions of land.
  • And most of the population did not had access for education
  • Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was convinsed by the conservatives to return to power, during his mandate some of his orders caused discontent the society, he even sanctioned the ones who criticized him
  • The next year the armed movement triumph and Santa Anna was forced to leave the country

The Constitution of 1857

  • Once in goverment the liberals proposed a serie of reforms to transform the situation and the economy of the country