How are teens in Switzerland different from U.S. teens?

There are many differences between Switzerland and the United States. The biggest difference is the language. The second difference is leisure activities. The last main difference is there greetings.

Difference #1

The biggest difference between Switzerland and the United States is the language. In Switzerland the official languages are German, French, Italian, Romansch. In American we don't even have an official language. But we mainly speak English and a little of Spanish. In Switzerland there are different ways to speak a language and in America there is only one way to speak English.
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Difference #2

In Switzerland people love doing outdoor activities. They like hiking and vacationing frequently. In America people don't do that those things that often. In Switzerland some people like to yodel. In America some people prefer staying inside and doing other things like listening to different forms of music.


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Differnce #3

The third and final difference is greetings. A handshake is most common for Switzerland and the United States. In America we say hello and and good morning. In Switzerland some of the German greetings that people say would be guten morgen, guten tag, and auf wierdersehen. Some of the French greetings that the Swiss use are bonjour or bonsoir. In America we usually only have one way to greet but in Switzerland there a few ways to say goodbye like tschuss for and informal goodbye and auf wierdersehen for a formal goodbye.
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