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Fun events coming up and odd and ends!

Student Council has proposed some holiday fun for this week and the following week:

Day 1 (Thursday, Dec. 15)- Ugly Sweater

Day 2 (Friday, Dec. 16)- Dapper December,- “Swag Clothes” (Elementary students will wear what is needed for their concert)

Day 3 (Monday, Dec. 19)- Holiday Headgear Day (hats, headbands, hairsupplies, wigs,etc)

Day 4 (Tuesday, Dec. 20)- Holiday pajamas (Junior High will be watching Polar Express in the commons area)

Day 5 (Wednesday, Dec. 21)- Holiday character Day: wear outfits that resemble holiday characters such as Santa, Mrs. Claus, elves, turkeys, dreidels, etc.

Winter Concert: This will take place in the Large gym on the Junior High end of the school. We hope to see you there!

Returning student Registration: This will begin on December 12... details to come!

History Fair- Jan. 19 (details to come)

Theme Info: Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas

Lost and Found: The lost and found in the lobby and the Junior High Commons are overflowing! Please come and check to see if your student's missing jacket or notebook are in there! All items left behind will be donated to a local shelter on December 21.

Safety First!

PLEASE use the crosswalks and wait for the crossing assistants to create a safe environment! This morning alone there were several near misses as folks crossed from in between cars... safety is a priority! If you need to run something into the school or help your child, please park in a parking space and not along the drop off zone. This will help with keeping the flow of traffic consistent. Please be patient and kind with other drivers as well. Blinkers, patience, and a deep breath go a long way.


We have had far too many incidents with troubling cell phone behaviors. We have asked that cell phones not be used during the school day. Students have access to school phone should a call need to be made. They have laptops to use for schoolwork and school related research.

Please support us as we work to keep students from running into problems with having their phone out to answer a text.

We spoke with the entire Junior High about not having phones out at all during the day due to the incidents that have occurred in the last couple of weeks. If they do have their phone out, it will be given to a teacher to hold onto till the end of the day. Should it occur again, parents will be notified and a meeting will be held to discuss the situation and. to come in to pick up the phone.

Students were told that they may have their phone with them, but we ask that they not. be texting, calling, looking things up, etc, during school time. Exceptions are made for those who has accommodations in their IEP or 504 plans.



Snow procedures

Snow procedures and protocols: SCHOOL CLOSING/INCLEMENT WEATHER OR EMERGENCY DISMISSAL : Occasionally there are days when weather or other conditions necessitate the closing of school.

Please listen to the radio or morning news for school closure announcements, check Facebook, and OneCall will be used should we have a late start or a snow day. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CALL MARIA MONTESSORI ACADEMY. If the weather is bad, there will be no one here to answer the phone.

Should the occasion arise when weather or other conditions necessitate sending children home earlier than the scheduled dismissal time, announcements will be made via email, and/or via our phone notification system. Make emergency arrangements for your children if case this should occur and make sure your children know what these arrangements are. T

he school office will remain open for parent/guardian contact and students will be permitted to use the phone during these emergencies.