Political Ideology

By: Nathan Borchardt hour 3

Where Am I?

These quizzes below show how I was placed in a political spectrum and shows what I believe in when it comes to Government and community problems.
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1st Quiz

In this quiz, I fell a little to the right or conservative side but very close to the middle which is mostly moderates. I would believe in making decisions based on the problem but also have a small conservative view.
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2nd Quiz

In this quiz, I fell more on the side of liberals believing in more ideas which give the government more power to control things like protection of civil rights and economic security.
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3rd Quiz

In this quiz, I was placed in on the mid-right spot agreeing with more conservative views. I would view problems with a more conservative view giving the government less power and providing the people with more self-reliance and giving the people free markets.
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My Results

If I were to be placed on a political spectrum based on my quiz results, I would fall somewhere between the Liberal and Moderate part of the spectrum so I believe in a stronger government and also believe in certain views based on the problem.