LV Technology

By Aidan Kay

Typing Web

Are goal was to get a 3 was to get to the sentences.

To get a 4 we had finish the intermediate course.

My typing wpm went up all most 4 words in 2 days!!!

Also we have 5 min to type in when class starts.


The iTrailer was for a fun not a real movie.

It is a app for apple.

I did my on my dogs attacking cats.

I had some problems well making mine I ran out of photos.

Haiku Deck

I wanted to be a FBI Agent.

The ideas was to do your dream job.

I did not have a dream job so i did FBI.

Haiku Deck is like google slides because there are slides different kinds of slides.

Explain Everything

It is a app for apple.
We had to fix emails to teachers.

Than we had to write a email to are teacher that we had a fake problem.

You had to use grammar.

Career Locker

It was taught by Mrs. VandenBoogaard.

Career Locker is where u can learn about jobs and schools.

We used career lock for are hiku deck.


Coding was a small project on moving different people to do do things.

There is small tabs that you use to move the person.

There is freeplay and coding games like minecraft and flappy bird.