Roanoke Island

By:Emma Stone

About The Continent

Roanoke Island was a permanent settlement.Roanoke Island was established in 1584.It was located on the outer banks of the coast of NC. in the Atlantic Ocean.It rained and had storms often.It is 8 miles long and 2 miles wide.

Lost Colony

Roanoke Island has been a mystery for years.It was the first establishment to be built on soil.there were two trees one said Cro the other said Croatoan.The people of Roanoke were killed by diseases and lack of food and tools.The villages were destroyed by storms such as hurricanes.

Roanoke is still a mystery today.

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The supplies were very scarce.More people lived at Roanoke Island supplies were more scarce.They lacked for food,tools,and weapons.

The people couldn't get enough supplies for everyone.So many people died from diseases and lack of supplies.


Their religion is the same as the Church Of England.They're catholics and want power and land.They serve for the king of England.