Bad Solar Energy

It can hurt our beloved America!

Environmental Problems.

Solar panels are made up of very toxic materials. Most people are unaware of this fact, because we do not use much solar energy. If we switch to it, our environment could be destroyed! If these toxic materials are disposed of improperly, it can be very dangerous. Cute, defenseless animals can get very ill, and sometimes even die due to the exposure of these harmful elements.

Cost Issues

Solar energy costs a lot of dough! The making of the expensive, fragile panels overpowers the little amount of money that they make. Not only is that true, but if one tiny, little mistake occurs in the manufacturing proccess, all of that expensive, dangerous material is ruined. Money will go down the drain and our energy levels would drop. If America continues to try to use this ineffective way to get power, we will just end up making our already massive debt even worse.

The Horrible Truth

The statistics of Solar Energy are just too bad. It would not be a winning plan, and the sacrifices would be higher than the good outcomes. Maybe someitme in the future, we can develop better ways to produce this ineffective energy, but now is not the time. Our economy (already unstable as it is) would not be able to switch over to this power, and it simply could not power our big ideas today.