CECHS Common Good Act

Elderly help project

Lawn care and Home cleaning

Dear elderly citizens of Sawmills,

At Caldwell Early College High School we have started a project called the Common Good Act Project. One part of the project is that we are helping the elderly in our area. If you have any lawn care needs like mowing, raking, or shrubs maintenance, etc. we have all the equipment and will gladly assist. Also if you need house cleaning services we can help clean your house or do small projects around the house. All of this is free of charge. Thank you for being such great citizens we are so honored and glad to help.

Our Wonderful Volunteers

Work Days

We will come out and do the yard or home work on the first Saturday or Sunday of every month. Please contact us before hand and tell us what needs to be done.

Contact info

You can text, call, or email us! If you would like to learn more about the common good act go to the website below