Taste of Blackberries

Literary Elements by Mrs. Searcy


A Taste of Blackberries, by Doris Buchanan Smith, is a story about friendship, loss, and grief.


The main character struggles with losing his best friend, Jamie. He progresses through emotions such as denial, guilt, anger, sadness, self-pity, and eventually realization.


Jamie-"Show off and clown"-Narrator's best friend.

Narrator-Jamie's best friend and partner is fun.

Heather-closest friend to Jamie and Narrator.

Mrs. Houser-elderly, tyrrannical neighbor. Kids are afraid of her.


The Taste of Blackberries is set in modern day suburban Washington D.C., in a close-knit community.


The Narrator struggles with how to grieve and the stigma attached with that. He fears that if he stops hurting all of the time and starts living again, he will betray his best friend, Jamie.