Catastrophe in NYC

Two days ago, September 9, 2001 two planes hit the twin towers at 8:45 am.Thousands of people have died and many more are missing. The people behind this attack are from a terrorist group called Al-Qaeda. They are led by a radical Muslim man called Osama bin-Laden. The government has no plans as of today to take revenge, but plans will definitely be made and justice will be brought to these cruel people.

The Real Facts

In reality about 2753 people died in the wreck. Many say that the towers fell because the two planes hit them, but that is not true. The actual reason is heat the towers were actually meant to withstand two jumbo jets. You may ask what is the real reason then, heat caused the towers to fall. The gas tanks from both planes exploded on impact and caused an immense fire. There were actually about eight survivors in this catastrophe. They were all found in the rubble of the two towers. Also many other people survied simply because they had small delays such as, forgetting a sock, caring for a sick child, getting stcuk in traffic, or even forgetting to take out the trash. All these people survived because they had forgotten to do some thing or the other, so next you go some where and forget some thing you have to do just do it before you leave you never know what good will come out of it.