Amazing Canada

Where and Why

Did you know that Canada is the second largest country in the world? So why does it have only 33 million people living in that country? Or why does 90% of the country live at least 100 miles away from the U.S.-Canada border? First of all, the southeastern part of the country has a much warmer climate and allows for a long growing season,which is why people live there. The Pacific Coast cools everything down, making Canada have 100 inches of precipitation each year. Plus, northern Canada is very cold, which is one of the reasons that no one lives there. Canada, being so rich in natural resources, has a lot of jobs for mining and other jobs, which is another reason why people live in the Southern part of Canada.

Issues of Canada's Enviornment

There's a lot of problems with Canada's environment, but thankfully, people are trying to fix them. For example, when factories put sulfur,carbon, and nitrogen dioxide into the air, it causes acid rain that pollutes the great lakes but, Canada installed an act so factories don't dump so much pollution into the water. Also, factories dump phosphorus into the lakes which cause plants and animals to die(Remember the Act!). By the way, did you know that over extraction of the Canadian shield is causing animals to die, plants to die, and the environment to get hurt? It's true, if the ground was diaphanous, you would be able to see the minerals under the ground, which is what the miners want so much.Plus, Canada is cutting down way too many trees, which is hurting the environment. All these problems are connected to each other in some way, causing them to be an easy fix, but people don't fix them, which is bad for Canada...

Quebec's Independence

Quebec's Independence Movement started in the 1960s, and has going on since 1995. Since the 1960s, Quebec's citizens hated feeling like second class citizens in their own country and felt that their culture and language was being overwhelmed by English. For a while, Quebec wanted to gain independence from Canada to save their culture and language. In the end, it came to a vote weather to see what the citizens wanted. Finally, Quebec chose not to secede from Canada. Canada does not want Quebec to try to secede from them, so Canada made reforms to keep them happy. For example, Canada is now bilingual and has several acts that preserve Quebec's traditions. With that in mind, some people still think Quebec should be independent from Canada.