Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School

October 24-28

Mission Statement

Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School is a living testament to our Lord's work in his youngest disciples, exemplified by academic excellence, spiritual formation, and compassionate service to others.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, October 25

6th Grade Catholic Charities Project

Wednesday, October 26

8:00AM Mass (Bring canned food)

2nd Grade Reading Bee Awards Ceremony in the cafetorium @ 2:30

Thursday, October 27


PK-8th Dress Like a Pirate (All students come dressed as a pirate.)

School-wide Rosary @ 9:00AM

Pep-Rally kick-off to Book Fair @ 2:00PM "Read Like a Robot"

6th-8th Grade Halloween Costume Dance 7:00-9:00PM

Student-Led Conferences begin in the evening (Students in uniform)

Friday, October 28


Student-Led Conferences Continue

Students are expected to be in uniform as this is a formal conference.

Monday, October 31


Celebrate Halloween in a saintly manner! Students may come dressed as saints and will end the day in the church with a prayer service.

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Straight from the SCRIP Coordinator...

Scrip is completely voluntary. There are no purchase requirements that must be met before you earn credit. Everything you earn from the first purchase, 75% will be applied as a credit to your FACTS account and can be used toward your May tuition payment. Credits will be applied in December and in April but will go toward your May tuition payment. For example: You purchase $200 of Kroger Scrip. Kroger has a 4% discount. $200 x 4% = $8. $8 x 75% = $6. You have earned $6 which will be applied to your FACTS account and can be deducted from your May tuition. $6.00 doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but what if you purchase that every week for the next 32 weeks? $6 x 32 = $192 credit earned towards your May tuition payment just for buying groceries. Now what if you add movies, restaurants, Christmas and birthday gifts, sporting goods to your Scrip purchases, how much could you earn in Scrip credit towards your May tuition?

If you have prepaid your tuition for the year, credit earned will be applied to any outstanding balances, and then any remaining scrip credit can be used for additional Scrip purchases. If you have more questions regarding Scrip, please contact Kimberlee Glover.

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Please keep the Coffey family (Callan, 3rd & Robyn, DD Chair) in your prayers as they mourn the loss of their precious grandmother and mother, Royce Lynn Larson.

Continue to pray for our Bishop, priests, administrators, educators, and parents as we continue to guide these young disciples closer to Christ.