9/11 Terrorist Attack

Melissa Mann

How Did 9/11 Happen?

September 11th, 2001; a day that changed the way many things worked. Two America Airline planes we hijacked by terrorist and heading the world trade center buildings, Tower One and Tower Two. These towers were in New York city. The terrorist who made this terrorist attack on the US were part of Al-Qaeda. The North tower was hit first, killing everyone in the plane and hundreds inside the building.

Bombs inside the trade centers??

Some people believe more that just the terrorist were in on this attack. People are saying that there were bombs inside the building before the planes hit the tower and when off shortly after the planes hit the towers. They say the believe there were bombs in the buildings because the buildings fell straight down when only the tops should fallen off because the towers were made of steel, the towers did not burn for more than 3 hours, and the fires in the tower did not reach max heat.

Did Bush know about the attack??

Several articles i have looked at have suggested that Bush had advanced knowledge about the attack, but still did nothing about it. They said that bush was sitting outside a class room in Florida and got the new that the second of the World Trade center buildings had been hit. Then he also said he watched the first plane crash on TV that day while sitting outside the classroom. The Media is confused as to why he changed his story if he said he got the news that the first tower was hit AFTER it had already been hit. The media reported also said that the videos of the first tower being hit didn't surface until a day or so later.

Bias in the Media

The media reporters that has a dislike towards president Bush were so quick to question if he knew anything about the attack or had anything to do with it. They were not sending viewers facts that we suitable to both side of the spectrum. The media should have only announced the information the had gotten for the air tower, the airline, survivors from the attack, and medical respondents that rushed to the seen of the tragedy.

Historical Criticism on 9/11

Since 9/11 occurred schools all over the US take time to inform students about this specific terrorist attack and terrorism in general. This attack has in sense changed the way social studies teachers mostly teach about certain subjects. I believe the go into more depth about terrorism than so things. Its good, children should always be aware that some people are bad. But.. they should've been doing it this way WAAAAY before 9/11 happened.

Cultural Criticism on 9/11

Everyone jumped so quickly to blame Al'Qaeda for the terrorist attack. Was it them? yes, of course it was them. We now have enough information to know for certain that it was definitely that group of people. But know that make almost every US citizen feel a little uneasy we they see an Islamic, Muslim, Middle eastern person or person with those characteristic around. I've seen it myself. Especially in airports. I've witnessed people keeping their kids closer, checking their surroundings more when a person of that ethnicity/culture comes around. It sad that that terrorist group has made very so uneasy and uncomfortable on both side of the scale.


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