A Christmas Carol

By: Charles Dickens -- Come see it today!


The play of Christmas Carol is a fun, exiting depiction of the best selling book, A Christmas Carol. In the play, you will experience fun, thrilling depictions of the book. You will be surprised by the amazing props and technology that the play uses. We also have world-class actors, so you will be sure that you will get a amazing performance. For instance, the actor playing Scrooge has done over 80 performances and has been training for months! That is not even everyone. Our director has directed a number of performances, around the world. Watch, as these amazing actors and directors bring this play to life, as told exactly in the book. Our actors also will interact with the audience, so its even better then a movie or the original book. In addition we use cutting-edge props and technology. You will be surprised by the robots and even smoke used in the performance, it feels like you are in the book with the use of lighting, trap doors and even moving houses and smoke machines. You will see actors seemingly come out of no were with the use if trap doors and smoke. Also, you will be amazed on the writing and time that when't into this. Our writing team reads the book, over and over trying to almost mirror the book. If you read the book you will be amazed on how well we transitioned this well made book into a play. Our actors also mirror the attitude of the characters in the book. So even if you haven't read the book, you will never be lost in this amazing play. In conclusion, I would totally recommend going, and seeing this mind blowing play. They payed so much attention to detail and the story line. After seeing this play, you view on plays will change. You will see how amazing plays are and how they can bring a book to life.


In a Christmas Carol, Scrooge has to sacrifice his selfish ways, so people with like him and remember him. I have had to sacrifice many things, like playing video games for doing homework.