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Dr. Yvette Ledford

Educator Spotlight: PES Grade K

Meet Sheree Hepner, Autumn Mallard, and Cindy Reddick. Like many of you, these teachers know there is more to early learning than just ABCs. While building an educational foundation with their kindergarteners, they have found a way for their students to practice the writing process EVERY SINGLE DAY. From narrative to informative to opinion writing, their students are responding to various aspects of the curriculum in written form. Way to teach the standard and enhance written expression!
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Bulloch County Schools: 100+ Days Smarter

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By: Yvette Ledford

1. Developing Relationships - The relationships I have with principals, teachers, and paraprofessionals is vital to the effectiveness of my job. Although we live in a world dominated by technology, I believe that a positive relationship begins with visibility.

2. Staying Current - In order to effectively assist the curriculum needs of teachers and students, my experience in the classroom must remain current.

3. Reciprocal Learning - As educators, we must acknowledge the value in learning from each other. I am both director and student during my observations.

4. Sharing is Caring - As we continue to move toward a collaborative culture, sharing ideas is essential. I share instructional strategies with you. Likewise, I share your innovative ideas with other teachers.

5. Praise - I really enjoy highlighting the extraordinary work you do as educators. In order to highlight it, I have to see it!


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