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Here are a few tips you can use to help make Gmail more effective for you!

  • Use Labels - Labels are Gmail’s equivalent of Outlook folders. The advantage of labels is that you can apply multiple labels to one email. Applying multiple labels makes an email accessible from several different places inside your inbox. When you create a label - it automatically makes it a folder for you. You can find labels and folders at the top of an email. They are represented by a folder icon and a tag looking icon. You can also apply labels by selecting the "move to" button.
  • Turn off Conversation View – By default, Gmail groups messages together based on the subject off the email. If you want each message to be separate from the conversation, you’ll need to turn off conversation view. Go to the gear in the top right corner of your email and click on settings. Once in settings you can check conversation view off or on.
  • Turn on Preview Pane Lab – Labs are experimental features that you can tryout. You find them by going to the gear in the top right of your email and then going to settings. Labs is one of the blue words listed across the top of settings. Click on Labs and then scroll down to the Preview Pane lab and click on Enable. Preview Pane is designed to make your Gmail inbox appear more like the traditional Outlook view, grouping your messages into one column with a preview window to quickly see the contents of a message.
  • Use search to sort messages – Sorting messages in Gmail is based completely on search. Use search operators, or the dropdown at the top of your screen, to quickly find the right messages.

Differentiating Instruction

Ok - so I have to say I LOVE this tool!

It's called the Differentiator. With just a click of button you can change your learning target to differentiate for learners based of blooms taxonomy. It supplies all the options and forms the target for you.

Searching Google Drive

Searching for files in google drive can be a pain, even when you have a great folder system. So here are some quick tips to help you find your docs!

Search commands: (You do these by going to the search box and typing in the bolded type below and then filling in with your information after the colon.)

title: – search by the file’s title (group phrases in quotation marks)

owner: – search according to who owns the item (works best with owner:email address)

type: – search by the file type (this covers: document, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, image, video, image_or_video, pdf, and textdoc)

is:starred – search items that you’ve marked with a star

What is an Add-on?

Add-ons are tools that are created by developer partners of Google. Add-ons give you even more features that enhance GAFE. You can access Add-ons menu from any open doc or sheet. Once you install an add-on it is available to all of your docs and sheets. Browse the Add-ons and see what cool stuff they offer! We will be highlighting certain ones in the next few weeks. We've already highlighted Doctopus, if you missed it click here, and flubaroo, click here, They are both awesome examples of Add-ons.

Apps, Add-ons, Sites, and Extensions

This week's highlighted subject is SCIENCE!


A science fair project done by a 14 year-old was in the news this past week (click here to view the whole story). His project led to the discovery that certain fonts use less ink, and his calculations indicate this could save people millions in printing costs. His discovery: using Garamond conserved 24% more ink compared to Times New Roman.

Taking the time to have your staff change their font could save your school lots of $$$.

Here's how to make Garamond the default font.

  1. Go to your Google Drive and select Create Doc.
  2. When the Doc opens, go to the top of the Doc where the font says Arial and click the down arrow beside Arial. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on More Fonts. When that box opens in the search menu, type Garamond. When it appears, click on it and select the blue ok box.
  3. Now, go up to Normal text (at the top of the doc beside the font). Click the down arrow next to Normal text, then click the side arrow beside Normal text and select "Update Normal Text to match".
  4. Last step, Click on the down arrow next to Normal text again. Scroll down and click on the gear icon labeled options. Then select "Save as my default styles".

Now everytime you use a doc your default should be Garamond! Money back in your school's pocket!

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Coming-up next week...

Apps, Add-ons, Sites, and Extensions highlighted subject will be ELA. There will be more tips and Tricks on using Google Docs and Slides. We will also discuss Digital Citizenship and Cyberbullying.

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