The App Generation

By Kim Jasper

Favorite Quote

"I am the same person online and offline. So, What you get online is what you get offline, and what you get offline is what you can get online, as well. I'm not two different people."

Digital Media

Digital media give youth the time and tools to craft as attractive identity, as well as as audience to view and respond to it.


In the moment planning; what teens would miss most if they didn't have their cell phones!

Personal Identity in the digital age

Is the digital age creating helicopter parents even for our college students?
Parent Communication

Parenting in the digital age

Youth tend to know more than their parents about technology; we need them to teach us so that we can make sure they are doing what they are supposed to while working online.

Are we hiding behind the screen?

There is a fear that our youth are beginning to hide behind the screen developing online relationships rather than face to face relationships. There is little personal intimacy in relationships among our youth.