Author Visit

Back Elementary Welcomes Susan Stevens Crummel

Mark your calendars for Friday, December 12th!

Eight GISD schools have been chosen for this author visit. Susan Crummel is the author of several award winning and best selling children's picture books. She often works together with her sister Janet Stevens who is an illustrator! She is a dynamic speaker and the students will have tons of fun during her presentation! We will not be selling books. This will be a time for the kids to receive and have fun.

Things to Remember

All the fun will be in the library on Friday, December 12th! Teachers, please bring your students at the designated times and remain with them for the full hour. We will have chairs for teachers to sit next to their students. We'll have two grade levels at one time in the library. It might be a tight fit so we'd appreciate your help to get all of the students seated orderly and quietly on the carpet. We will dismiss by teacher/class at the end. We'll need your help to exit the students quickly after ea. session in order to get the next classes in. Please have a discussion with your class prior to next Friday about behavior expectations when a presenter comes to speak to them. Thank you teachers for all that you do! This will be an enriching learning opportunity for the students in many ways!


*Kindergarten through 5th grade only (We'll have something for Pre-K in the Spring).

Session 1: 4th and 5th grade 8:40-9:40am

Session 2: 2nd and 3rd grade 12:40-1:40pm

Session 3: Kinder and 1st grade 1:50-2:50pm

Books, Books, Books!

We have several of Ms. Crummel's books that I am reading to the students over the next few weeks. Please join me in reading Susan Crummel's books to the students too. I will be checking out 2 of her books to the team leader in each grade level. I will put the books in your teacher box. Please share these books with the other teachers in your grade level and read them to your classes over the next few days. Please send the books back with a student to the library when all the teachers in your grade level have read them. Next week on Wed. I'll ask for them back so I can decorate her presentation table with them. :) Thank you so much!

Mrs. Mathew and Mrs. Saathoff