A #8 Podcast

Stay healthy using cheap and time saving strategies

Nutrition Diva: "4 Time-Saving Tips for Eating Healthy"

Key Points and Main Ideas of the Podcast

  • Use processed foods wisely: Its ok to buy frozen packages or pre-chopped vegetables.

"Ready to eat healthy foods are better than not eating those foods at all".

  • Use a grocery list
  • Have a scheduled time in the week to prep and cook food in order to save time.
  • Cook extra food! Leftovers are important in order to save time and money.

Classroom Implementation

  • Discuss healthy options
  • When they get snack, talk about how this food could be used in a meal
  • Work with your school to collect healthy cheap recipes to send home or integrate into a lesson.

Get-Fit-Guy: "4 Ways to Burn Thanksgiving Calories Fast"

Key Points and Main Ideas of the Podcast

  • Stay fit over the holidays or anytime of the year
  • Thanksgiving dinner can lead to consuming over 3000 calories
  • There are easy everyday things to do to burn off calories, regulate blood sugar and boast metabolism


  1. Stand instead of sit
  2. Do a brief 6 minute exercise 30 minutes before lunch
  3. 1-2 minute brief exercises throughout the day
  4. Take cold showers or walk in the mornings with weather appropriate attire

Classroom Implementation

  • Have students go to recess before lunch
  • What them take "Brain Breaks" or do "Energizers" throughout the day
  • Encourage students to walk to school if possible
  • Integrate exercise into lessons

Connections between the Two Podcasts

  • How to stay healthy by using cheap and time saving strategies
  • The techniques can be implemented in the classroom or at home.