Snow leopards

Save the snow leopard By Damian.S


Well the snow leopard can leap 30 feet so that means it can run fast.Also it has paws that are like shoes it also has fur that can adapt to the cold weather snow leopards also have a thick tail that can be strectched around the body.They can also produce more than 3 Cubs at a time so if you save the snow leopard the population can increase by a lot more than there is

Diet and habitat

The animal is named the panthera that is the genus it can be found in the Russian woods and Afghanistan woods the most popular it can be found in the Chinese forest those are places it can be found the biome it can live in mountains,rocky areas,it has different areas in the snow the animals diet can be melt only because it is a carnivore it eats remains of meat tat is the diet it can eat.

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Snow Leopard Facts
7 Snow Leopard Facts

10 Fun Facts About the Snow Leopard

  1. It can run fast 2.It lives in the tundra. 3.they have 2 to 3 babies at a time. 4.It eats meat. 5.they have special names. 6. There trying hard to survive. 7.there more than 1,000. 8. It has a cool tail. 9.there fur Is a pattern 10. It has sensitive lungs