Beyond Teaching

Education Jobs In and Outside of the Classroom

Mathematics Teacher

  • In order to become a math teacher in Georgia you must finish a bachelor's degree in mathematics and have completed the mandatory teacher certificate program in addition to your degree course work. You must then pass the Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) which all Georgia teachers must pass even if the are certified in another state. Finally you must apply for a Georgia teaching certificate and begin looking for employment.

  • Elementary and Middle School Administration/Principalship

    This is a program focusing on educational administration for grades Kindergarten through 7th. It prepares individuals to become principals and administrators in elementary and middle schools. Instruction includes elementary and/or middle school education, planning, bugeting, public relations, counseling skills, human resource management, childhood and pre-adolescent growth and development, and professeional standards and ethics. This program is available as a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral degree. Also you must complete both parts of the GACE Content Assessment for Educational Leadership.

    School Counseling and Guidance Services

    This program prepares individuals to apply guidance and counseling principles to elementary and middle school students. Includes instruction in vocational counseling, legal and professional requirements, as well as related sociological and psychological foundations. This program is available as a Certificate program or as a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral degree. No experience is required, however,you also have to pass the GACE school counselor content assessment and the GACE Basic Assessment in math, reading, and writing.

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