The World of Coding

All the information for the wonderous coding system

What is coding? what does it entail?

Coding is the thing that makes up the whole internet, its what helps make the software for browsers, websites, and various other things. it is the thing of the century for us to get information, and read things like this. it involves a way of understanding common sense of computer typing in ways that it can create a system of code to make something like software, and that people do not need mathematics to achieve this but have to have a good mind.

why is learning code important?

Well it is a good way to make your mind think. It uses science and math to push you and test out ideas. It improves your mind at daily problems with technology. You can use your brain to expand your horizons and improves your skills in making a coding system to make the stuff that we have today that's online.

5 different types of coding and what there used for.

  • HTML is hyper text markup language which is pretty much the layout of a website.
  • XML is extensible markup language a layout of a website but can transmit data between applications.
  • JavaScript is an interactive content planted on webpages.
  • VBscript is visual scripting basic edition it prints dates, calculate thing, and interact with a user.
  • hypertext processor (PHP) is made to encrypt data, access databases, and form validation.

benefits of coding.

Once you know how to code its a whole journey to witness because you have expanded your outlook and your horizon to make what you want. and what you make offers you a good job and a good future. The money you get depends on the job and the job is surely a really good one if you mastered the arts of coding. Once you get money you get to focus on good houses to stay and plan your future.

jobs that include coding.

software development, network design and administration , game development, hardware engineer, and data analysis would all revolve around coding so if you wanted to join of these, they would most likely give you a good amount of money.


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