Ir- for sale!

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Ir- and what he does!

Is your son or daughter irrational? Or maybe they are irregular? Well Ir- can, due to revolutionary technology, uses double negatives to take the ir- out of your children! Ir- can reverse the irreversible, can recover the irrecoverable, it can replace the the irreplaceable. It's the one, the only, the Ir-!

What does the brand new Ir- do?

Ir- is a very nice who dosn't waste time using superfluous words but gets to the point. Ir- was once a criminal that was irrational but now he changed his ways and is ready to help you too! Ir- is like a towel, you use it every day, an it's always ready to be used! Don't be the only one without Ir-! Dont you think you and your family deserve to be happy?

Who is Ir-?

Ir- was once in the Blunt & Robbin's facility for criminally insane prefixes and words but after being in rehab came out being a nice, well rounded prefix that, even though he means "not", has a goal to help others. His goal was finally met when a boy and his family took lessons from him and came out being a nice clean and healthy family. He started advertising lessons at age 24 and that's where we are now!