Snapshot of 21st Century Learning

New Resources

Term 2 Week 6

Newly added resources to Snapshot of 21st Century Learning Website include:

Sharon Seers Maths Syllabus Unpacked -Excellent Resource

Cromer Campus Edublog -Northern Beaches of Sydney, inspiring blog

Wiradjuri Language Resources - Sharing of language resources -

jointly created by Lithgow AECG President

Great idea for a Professional Learning Diary

" Curriculum Place" - QLD Catholic Ed. Great ideas

Portland CS - ICT Integration -Another great resource from Vivien Tuckerman

Web Cam Toy an online quirky photo booth

iBuild app, to create your own app without coding

All About Explorers -Early explorers - information and lesson plans

Button Bass - make music online

Harry Potter's World - interactive resources and lesson plans

Blank Sheet Music - create your own sheet music for free

Invitation To World Literature - multimedia resources on 13 epic texts

Printable Paper - Graphing, templates,

Infographics -Great ideas to embed into your Literacy Program

Introduction To Blogging

Augmented Reality In Education

Video to Audio Converter - brilliant

Sound Cloud - Record and embed sounds into Smore & Thinglink

Thinglink App -Thinglink now has an app!

Online Stories Livebinder - Jen Dowling -Lots of resources

Digital Story Telling - Jen Dowling

"Fixed up" my Augmented Page

Supporting Staff With Multimodal - Simple ideas and effective

General Maths Resources - not many at the moment

Maang Explained -Bits and Bytes -Maang is a great PL sharing site

Looking for inspiration for your class visit PV Room 121

The PE Geek Blog - Ideas on combining PE with ICT

Laura's Smore on Literacy Resources from Literacy Solutions

Laura's Smore on Multimodal Texts

WGEC Singing - Idea -Help to prepare 9 schools for Ed Week -

The Western Gateway Educational Community also meet for rehearsals.