By Erin Hunter! Award winning author in New York Times!

An Amazing Adventure!

Join Firepaw and his journey in the Clans! You have to meet Sandpaw, Graypaw, and Ravenpaw on his wild adventures. With Tigerclaw roaming free of a murder, Firepaw the used to be kittypet is going to prove he is guilty!

This book takes you to a place of where wild cats roam free. In a forest of course. But not for long, but that is for another tale. The forest is filled with much territory for all clans, Windclan, having the moor, Shadowclan having the pine trees. Riverclan having all water sources for food. And Thunderclan, having the undergrowth, not only useful in hunting, but in battle as well, which is good considering the conflicts.

Issues Firepaw and Graypaw face is the coldness of Tigerclaw. His training of apprentices is harsh and unfair. He uses claws during training, and scares them to death. Ravenpaw was his apprentice. He is bloodthirsty for leadership. And wants his nine lives and leader name as fast as he can. But how fast, and what will he do to get it? Firepaw is on his case.

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-Bluestar is the current leader of Thunderclan. Her feirce loyalty can not be questioned. Starclan has put her to the test many times, and sometimes get doubted, but will spend all of her nine lives with her clan.She found Firepaw on the edge of their territory of the kittypet place. While others were against the idea of having a kittypet as a warrior. As they were known to be soft, and ungrateful, soon they would know that he may be their new leader one day. Firestar.


This book, is a genre of fantasy. People who like fantasy and animals? This is the book for you! Trust me, you won´t look at you cat the same way ever again. I recommend this to any animal action lovers! I would rate this book 4/5 stars! I love the detail with the creativity, with only cats! Its very surprising and the author gives you twists at surprising times! You never know whats next!

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My personal favorites from the book,

Favorite Quote: ¨Fire alone will save the clan.¨

This was said by Bluestar to Spottedleaf, the med cat, from a terrible prophecy from Starclan. Bluestar saw a fire cat, saving the clan in her dream.

Here is a video that gives a good glimsp of the warrior cat series!


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