What's Up @ Skaggs?

December 7-11

Thank Yous and Celebrations

  • Congrats to Katie Ballenger! She got engaged over the break!
  • Thanks to Kyla for holding the CogAT meeting to inform parents!
  • Thank you for your time and input during CMIT to help students!
  • Thanks to Chantell for setting up for the Rice band to come and entertain grades 3-5.
  • Thanks for your active monitoring during MAP. Also for keeping students quiet in the halls so others can test.

Star Parking

Dustin-A big star for Dustin who recreated the Specials Sheets on Google after it was lost!

Important Dates

12/8-Fire Drill @ 8:00 *****Time Chage

12/11-Staff Holiday Party

Skaggs Strategy of the Week-Time Management

Today's Terrific Tweet-Aimee Estep

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