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January 5th 2015

Hubba Bubba

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Like Oh My Gosh...That Break was so long...Whats' Next?

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From the Boss of the Little Elf that you all love...

Well, the time has come to say goodbye for a few weeks. I hope and pray that each of you have a great break. Please be safe on all your journeys so that you return to us all just as amazing as you are now.

As you take time to refresh, I hope you also take the opportunity to reflect on your practices this year. What can you let go (cue music from Elsa), what do you need to add, and what just needs a tweek. Below is a video of a teach that I know that has already gone through this type of reflection this year.

This little light of mine

A Hot Steaming Pile of...COMPOST!

As of this week, Ranger Ranch has composted 109 lbs of café scraps!

Thank you Chris Elliot for separating, weighing and sharing.

Thank you 4D for your consistent hard work, raking leaves and turning compost.

Thank you Ms. Hotz for turning compost w/ Kinder – wish I had a picture of that J

Pulled back a layer of leaves to add produce to the pile today, and it felt like I was standing by a campfire. Those microorganisms are going to town.

After winter break, we can incorporate our first batch of finished compost into 3rd an 5th grade beds, LUCKYYYYYY!

Janet Hall